Hey Gibby,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I was using meteorhacks:npm. I read the documentation, the source code, watched videos recommended to me by a core dev, talked to people using Meteor in production, and spent time asking questions (crickets — needed to read the source to get answers) in IRC. Builds do take much longer than many other tools that are available. There is a long refresh rate after changing app code. Also, while I’m aware that I’m not paying for Meteor now, I will be if I host on Galaxy.

I didn’t spend a day with Meteor and flip the table — I spent hundreds of hours of time — and what I’ve written about are the things that frustrate me. Meteor has plenty of millions in marketing behind it, as well as advocates like you. Surely, Meteor can take a bit of constructive criticism?

Software developer, investor, energy markets analyst.

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