Panama’s Hacker House will host two cohorts over the summer

Last December I started building a small community for tech people in beautiful, tax friendly western Panama. The pitch was that you could come live in and explore Panama, get your tax residency, and hang out with others. The property focuses on infrastructure first in a gorgeous setting with fantastic weather. The quaint nearby town is small, but bustling and diverse.

To date I have hosted more than 20 software developers from nearly a dozen countries. I have made many new friends and had some fun adventures! As things have progressed I’ve discovered some things that have made me decide to try a 90-day cohort based model, while preserving the option for residents to stay longer term.

  • People tend to be more engaged when they are all doing something from the start together. It’s more likely two people will form a bond if they both arrive without knowing anyone else. Having cohorts ensures participants are all making friends at the same time.
  • People want to know who they will be there with and what the focus will be on. This allows for focusing on certain “themes”, i.e. deep learning, startups, interview prep, or quant investing, and tax strategy for digital nomads, to make a few examples. This will allow residents to collaborate more rather than just live in the same place.
  • Scheduling gaps can be difficult when requiring a minimum commitment. Having cohorts ensures no gaps, no waiting for others to arrive, and being able to finish out the experience with the new friends you are making.
  • This model will also allow me to plan farther out and as I expand generate more reliable financial models.
  • 90 days fits with tourist visas for Panama and most other countries.

Existing residents can still be part of cohorts. I will be planning two cohorts this year, which will run from June 15th to September 15th and September 15th to November 15th. The first cohort will focus on recent college graduates and those transitioning careers (i.e. someone who would join a bootcamp), and the second cohort will be focused on more advanced topics and senior level people.

We will have accommodations for every budget, ranging from $1500 to $5000 for the entire program.

Apply for beginner cohort

Apply for advanced cohort

Pricing for each cohort will include all accommodations and utilities, with a flat price for the entire stay based on the apartment. Couples are also welcome! You will have the option to stay in one of the following apartments:

Master Suite, comfortably accommodates 4, good for parties and group events
Tanager Suite, accommodates 2
Bluebird Room, accommodates 1–2
Quetzal Suite, accommodates 2
Colibri Suite, accommodates 1–2
Motmot Suite, accommodates 1–2

There is also a garage apartment which I do not yet have photos for but I assure you is very livable. If there is especially high interest I may also lease nearby property for the time.

Apply for beginner cohort

Apply for advanced cohort

How’s Life in Boquete?

Ania travels stayed at the Hacker House (in the Quetzal Suite) and made a video about Boquete
Elena Lape, current resident and Github employee, put together this video
Another video from young expats who moved to Boquete for taxation reasons

Other Reviews

"I stayed with CodeFromPanama for two months in early 2019. Calvin has built a beautiful retreat with a robust infrastructure for the discerning digital nomad. Power and internet are redundant, the amenities are complete and quality. Each unit is self contained and private, but the group is mindful enough to try to build a community among the current residents.Town isn't distractingly close, but has some choice fun places to hang when you need to take a break. The hikes and views are nothing short of breath taking, and Calvin, being an experienced outdoorsman, knows all the trails and how to best advise you on what will fit your needs.You won't regret this adventure! You'll meet like minded and fascinating hackers, along with the sweet community of expats in Boquete. I made friends and memories I'll keep forever and I'm so grateful for the opportunity."- Trey Brooks, Machine Learning EngineerAs a software engineer, I have nothing but the highest praise for Calvin and Casa Ejecutiva.  I've spent months at his place and it is always a refreshing experience...- Attila Aros, Blockchain E

Contact Info

Please reach out to me with questions!

WhatsApp: +1 808 446 1375


Twitter / Medium: @calvinfroedge

Instagram: @ejecutivo_boquete

Software developer, investor, energy markets analyst.

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