What if you really could live 100% on crypto

There have been numerous articles and videos posted over the years, mostly by media outlets, on trying to live totally on crypto. The stories tend to follow a similar pattern:

  • Buy some bitcoin
  • Try to find a restaurant that accepts bitcoin
  • Try to buy daily stuff with bitcoin
  • Try to find an apartment where they accept bitcoin

At the end of the day, the consensus is usually that it’s still quite difficult to really get around. If you come to the remote worker paradise I’m building in Panama, I can make it easy. Pay us in crypto and I will take care of all the other details. One bitcoin may even last you an entire year.

To date, weve had a strong presence in our small community from crypto enthusiasts. Over beers and a shared meal, we discussed how cool it would be to have a place where you actually could come and just live on crypto. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Boquete, Panama is a small town in the mountains of Panama where crypto currency has piqued a special level of interest. There is a “bitcoin trading post” in town where you can exchange crypto currency for cash. Many of the residents invested in crypto currencies before, during, and after the boom. I believe if we lead with an example, and are willing to teach and share a bit, many of the businesses here (owned by eccentrics from all over the world) may be interested in following suit.

At least at my house (and one other owned by a friend), you can rent a great place for crypto. We’ll cover all of the other details too — from groceries to laundry to entertainment — while just accepting your crypto. Come here and help me convert the rest of the town.

One of our available apartments
Rainbow season

We’re also starting the process of building an entire campus on land nearby. Ideally you would be able to live there in a community of fifty other people and pay for everything in crypto currency. We would take care of the rest of the details.

Here’s to the future.

Software developer, investor, energy markets analyst.

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